“Music can change the world because it can change people.” Bono

Our music curriculum is based on the Sparkyard scheme of work. This places singing at its heart, reinforced through our weekly whole school singing assemblies. Children gain a steadily increasing understanding of musical elements; developing listening skills, musical vocabulary and performance skills. They are introduced to a wide range of cultural and historical musical genres.

Music overview 2023-24

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1/2 Time to Play – Exploring pulse & rhythm Musical Moods and Pictures Patterns with pitch – Exploring pitch & melody
Year 3/4 Playing with rhythm – together & structures Musical contracts Melody builders – moldies & song structures
Year 5/6 Rhythm builders – exploring layers Music & words Song ingredients – exploring melody, harmony & lyrics


Music overview 2022-23

Autumn Spring Summer
KS1 Move to the beat – Exploring pulse and rhythm. Exploring sounds – linked to Animals High and low – Exploring pitch
KS2 Hear it, Play it! Exploring rhythmic patterns Painting pictures with sound – linked to transport Sing, Play, Notate


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