‘We are not makers of history. We are made by history.’ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our history curriculum plays an important part in developing in children a ‘sense of place’. This means developing an understanding of chronology, firstly in relation to children’s own lives and families and then to the history of Marleigh’s locality. This understanding is then extended as children learn about the lives of rich and poor across some significant historical periods, with an increasing appreciation of where these sit on a timeline. We inter-relate these units of learning using four conceptual threads:

  • Our locality
  • Power
  • Invasion & settlement
  • Technology, transport and trade

Our approach to teaching history is an active one: engaging children in role-play, multi-media and visits outside the academy. We also aim for children to take an inquiry approach, learning to ask questions and investigate historical sources with increasing discernment.

History overview 2023-24

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 1/2 (Geog focus) Great Fire of London Locally significant people
Year 3/4 Romans Roman Britain Maya
Year 5/6 Ancient Greece Anglo Saxons – (local history) Bagdad & the Middle East


History overview 2022-23

Autumn Spring Summer
KS1 (Geog focus) Transport/Flight inc. sig. peo.: Molly Rose (nee Marshall), Neil Armstrong Houses, homes and buildings
KS2 (Geog focus) Local history – Transport/Flight Stone age to iron age

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