‘All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead of consumers of computer science.’ Maria Klawe

Computing at Marleigh Primary Academy is a practical, creative and knowledge-rich subject, covering the following areas of learning:

Digital citizenship

Our aim is for all our children to have a good understanding of how to behave safely and respectfully when online. This includes, from an early age, an active understanding of what to do faced with uncomfortable online content or behaviour, and, later, the opportunity to explore representations of body-image, copyright and plagiarism.


Programming is an important thread running through our computing curriculum. Children are taught key coding concepts using onscreen, physical and robotic resources, in order to solve a range of purposeful challenges.

Creating media

Children use iPads and PCs to create a variety of purposeful products, including manipulating text, images and video. These are often integrated into learning across the wider curriculum.

Data and information

An appreciation is fostered of how technology can be used as a powerful tool when collecting and evaluating real-world data, including from sensors.

Computer systems and networks

Children are taught to save and retrieve work from the academy’s learning platform. They gain a basic understanding of how information is shared across networks such as the academy’s intranet and the world wide web.

Computing overview 2023-24

Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
Year 1/2 IT around us (CS&N) Robot algorithms (P) Digital photography (CM) An introduction to quizzes (P) Pictograms (D&I) Making music (CM)
Year 3/4 Repetition in games (P) Audio editing (CM) The internet (CS&N) Data logging (D&I) Photo editing (CM) Repetition in shapes (P)
Year 5/6 Systems & searching (CS&N) Selection in physical computing (P) Introduction to vector graphics (CM) Flat-file databases (D&I) Sensing movement (P) Web page creation (CM)


Computing overview 2022-23

Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
KS1 Media Balance (DC)/

Tech. around us (CS&N)

Moving a robot (P) Digital writing (CM) Digital painting (CM) Introduction to animation (P) 3D printing – Houses made in Minecraft (CM)
KS2 Sequence in music (P) Communicating online (DC) 3D Modelling (CM) (link to Design Tech.) Events and actions – Micro:bits (P) Video Production (CM) Branching databases (D&I)

Abbreviations relate to areas of learning explained above.

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