It’s all about community!

Our key intent for Marleigh Primary Academy is to ensure that the children of families moving into housing within the Marleigh development can have a place at the academy.

Anglian Learning have a Memorandum of Understanding with Arts Council England and the innovative curriculum will include a focus on arts subjects to enable all children to explore their talents and be excited by their learning.

Much of our early work will be to support children moving into the community to settle happily, establishing positive relationships and good friendships. We will ensure that we know where children are in their learning and understanding so they can make good progress.

The combination of two classes per year group, with shared additional learning areas, will enable pairs of teachers and wider staff to work collaboratively using their expertise to best effect.


Marleigh Community

Marleigh Primary Academy will be at the core of the Marleigh community, and we hope that your family will be a part of it.

Updates from Marleigh residential development can be found on their social media pages: Facebook and Instagram @MarleighCB5

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