At Anglian Learning, we have community at the heart of our values.  We underpin our relationships with a culture of support, respect, and trust.  Recognising we are stronger together, our aim is to become a central focus for the community.

We are committed to being aspirational for all those in our community:
Key to the Marleigh’s initial, and then ongoing, work will be meeting the needs of all families who move into the Marleigh development.  The siting of the Academy places it at the centre of the community: making provision for new families to support and enhance social cohesion is central to our aims.  We will be involved in, and lead, a range of community events making sure that everyone is included and our commitment to the equality duty is reflected in all we do.

Leaders have expressed the key intention of working with local community organisations and wider agencies to ensure that families moving into the Marleigh development are effectively supported.  Lifelong education is key to the Trust’s aims and all parents will be supported to help their children achieve all they can.

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