‘When responding to great works of literature, the reader is changed and becomes something other than they were before.’  Harding

Marleigh Primary Academy’s central learning area includes a library brimming with new books, carefully selected by experts, in order to foster children’s love of reading and to support their learning across the curriculum. We believe in the importance of ensuring every child is a reader, and early reading skills are embedded and prioritised across our curriculum. As children move through the school they will enjoy and learn from a wide range of high-quality texts, including classic children’s literature and those from current authors. We make sure there is space in our curriculum for children to enjoy reading for pleasure, as well as giving lots of opportunities to develop reading skills across the curriculum. We also encourage children to read, either to adults or by themselves, as much as possible at home, prioritising this aspect of home learning.



We use the government validated systematic synthetic phonics scheme: Rocket Phonics. This was carefully chosen by our team in order to give a structured, creative and engaging learning experience for children across Early Years and KS1. The scheme also links to our reading scheme: Reading Planet. In Early Years and KS1 children have a daily phonics lesson. These lessons are carefully structured and sequenced in order to develop children’s decoding and blending skills.

Please see the following video guides for parents and carers:

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