Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

‘If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely!’ Roald Dahl

Children have a weekly PSHCE lesson covering learning about relationships, healthy lifestyles, managing risk, anti-bullying and emotional literacy. These units are based on the highly regarded Primary Personal Development Programme. PSHCE lessons also include Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), taught in the summer term. For more information about our approach to PSHCE and RSE, please see our policies below.

PSHCE overview 2023-24

Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
Year 1/2 Rights, rules & responsibilities Me & my emotions / Anti-bullying Diversity & Communities Drugs ed. Managing risk Relationships & sex ed.
Year 3/4 Rights, rules & responsibilities My emotions Family & friends Drug ed. Me & my online ID Relationships & sex ed.
Year 5/6 Beginning & belonging Diversity & communities Financial capability Healthy lifestyles Drug ed. Relationships & sex ed.


PSHCE overview 2022-23

Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
KS1 Beginning and belonging Managing change / Anti-bullying Family and Friends Working together My Emotions Relationships and sex ed.
KS2 Beginning and belonging Working together / Anti-bullying Friends and families Citizenship: Diversity Healthy lifestyles Relationships & Sex Ed.

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