Curriculum Principles

Elevating Expectations – Our Curriculum

We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum providing opportunities for academic success.  Pupils will be inspired by expert practitioners; vocational, experiential learning pathways; and a strong commitment to the promotion of the arts and sport for all pupils. 

An understanding of rights and responsibilities; of global citizenship and of sustainable development will be promoted; broadening horizons and challenging injustice and intolerance in all its forms.

Pupils will question and contribute to the development of scientific and technological change, beginning to push the boundaries of what education and business can offer in partnership.

Wellbeing and positive relationships as individuals and within groups will be promoted, enabling pupils to build their resilience, experience risk and adventure and develop essential skills and attributes.

Pupils will have an understanding of how they learn and develop; where social and cultural capital is built to enable all to succeed; and where the joy of learning is foremost in all aspects of our academy’s ethos.

As our plans for the curriculum progress we will update our subject webpages with the content of the curriculum per year group.  This will include our planned phonics or reading schemes being used in KS1.

Underpinned by outstanding progress in core literacy and numeracy skills, and enhanced by embedded learning in the creative arts; our curriculum will enable all pupils to experience success.

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