Trustees of Anglian Learning are accountable for Marleigh Primary Academy.  Trustees implement oversight of academic priorities and performance.  Trustees are accountable for the implementation of Trust policies which provide guidance for the Headteacher.

Further information about the Trustees of Anglian Learning can be found here.

Marleigh Primary Academy forms part of Anglian Learning and information on the Trust’s governance, finances and funding can be found here.

Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body comprises of members of Anglian Learning, members of the local community, staff and parents.

Anglian Learning’s rationale for local governance is to ensure clarity of vision and strategic direction of the academy, maintaining a focus on how well leaders are using resources to address the priorities agreed.  Anglian Learning’s Operations Team maintains oversight of many statutory requirements to allow governors and leaders to focus on the quality of education.  In the case of Marleigh Primary Academy, governors will have a key role in representing and engaging with the local community, especially parents.

Governors have the responsibility of raising school standards through the key areas of:

  • setting strategic direction
  • ensuring accountability
  • safeguarding and promoting the Trust’s values
  • supporting the Headteacher and being a critical friend
  • monitoring achievement, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety

Please see this page for further information about our Local Governing Body.

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